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Rev. Erika Allison

Helping the LGBTQ+ community heal from religious harm, rediscover their worthiness, and live a joyful, authentic, spiritual life.

In her book, Gay the Pray Away: Healing Your Life, Love, and Relationships from the Harms of LGBT Conversion Therapy, Rev. Erika Allison shares her own experience with conversion therapy and the lifelong healing and forgiveness process that followed. She guides readers on their own journey of healing and acceptance through the RAINBOW path. Her mission is to empower the queer community through spiritual liberation, and to guide humanity towards a more awakened path forward.

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Rev. Erika is available for guest speaking engagements at religious and spiritual centers, LGBTQ+ organizations, universities, conferences and more.

About Rev. Erika:

Rev. Erika Allison (she/her) is a Queer interfaith minister, speaker, author and spiritual counselor. She leads a monthly gathering called Gay the Pray, helping the LGBTQ+ community find spiritual belonging and liberation. She also serves on the founding leadership & ministerial team of the Compassionate Consortium, an interfaith and interspecies religious center for vegans and animal lovers. Formerly a practicing mechanical engineer, Erika sees the world through a systems lens of interconnectivity. Enthusiasm (en theos ousia = “in God’s essence”) is her spiritual practice.


Gay or straight, there is universal wisdom in Rev. Erika's words. So helpful as a resource for clients and in the deep knowing that we are all worthy as we are."

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